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College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Mannuthy, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA

Volume 44 (2013)

  1. Ultrasonographic diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy in the bitch - A review
    - P. Sridevi

  2. Gene expression profile in prepubertal bovine mammary parenchyma and epithelial cells in response to ovariectomy
    - B T Velayudhan, M L McGilliard, H Jiang, S E Ellis and R M Akers

  3. Effect of fish oil and coconut oil on lipid profile and oxidative stress in liver and heart of rats
    - K P Sreeji and Sisilamma George

  4. Anatomical studies on the bones of the pelvic limb in Indian Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak)
    - C V Rajani, Leena Chandrasekhar, George Chandy and J J Chungath

  5. Screening of cattle blood samples from Kasargod district for presence of HCH and DDT residues
    - V Dineshkumar, A R Nisha, P T A Usha, C B Vineetha, A P Usha and Siju Joseph

  6. Job satisfaction and stress among the veterinarians of Kerala state in India
    - Soumya Sankar, P Reeja George and P J Raj Kamal

  7. Comparing ELISA using serum antibodies and coproantigens for detecting early amphistomosis
    - A Kandasamy and K Devada

  8. Effect of genetic and non-genetic factors on seroprevalence of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri in goat
    - C N Dinesh , A Sonawane, A Kumar, R Rana, A Chauhan and D Sharma

  9. Ovulation synchronisation for improving fertility in postpartum dairy cows
    - P S Shameem Abubaker, M O Kurien, K N Aravinda Ghosh, Shibu Simon, K S Anil and B Bibin Becha

  10. Training needs of dairy farm instructors in fodder production and management
    - N Vimal Raj Kumar, R S Jiji and P J Rajkamal

  11. Detection of anthelmintic resistance in small scale goat rearing units in Thrissur
    - Asha Rajagopal, R Radhika, H Shameem and K Devada

  12. Gross anatomical studies on the lungs of wild sow (Sus scrofa cristatus)
    - A R Sreeranjini, C V Rajani, V R Indu and N Ashok

  13. Assessment of oxidative stress during peripartum period in crossbred Malabari goats
    - J Rejitha and K Karthiayini

  14. In vitro studies on the effect of Allium sativum (garlic) on Damalinia caprae
    - Bindu Lakshmanan, R Radhika, R Sreekrishnan and H Subramanian

  15. Gross observations on the cervical vertebrae of leopard (Panthera pardus)
    - V R Indu, A R Sreeranjini, C V Rajani and N Ashok

  16. Diagnosis of canine trypanosomosis by polymerase chain reaction
    - P V Tresamol, N P Usha, T V Aravindakshan, Reji Varghese and M R Saseendranath

  17. In vitro efficacy of Butea Monosperma against amphistomosis in cattle
    - N P Usha, V R Dhanya and Subin Jose

  18. Levels of calcium, sodium and potassium in plasma as influenced by anticoagulants
    - K V Pramina, P T Mincy, P Anu Joseph, V Lisha, K A Mercy and V Ramnath

  19. Aflatoxin levels in feeds and feed ingredients of livestock and poultry in Kerala
    - B Bibin Becha and S S Devi

  20. Surgical management of gynecomastia in a Sirohi buck by mastectomy
    - K Vinod Kumar

  21. Prevalence of helminth parasites of camels (Camelus dromedaries) in the Anseba region of Eritrea in North East Africa
    - Basharat Ahmed Pandit, Michael Kahsay, Sanjay Devarajan and Paulo Luis Valerino Cambra

  22. Myoglobinuric acute renal failure in a dog
    - P P Kanaran, N P Usha, V R Ambily and P C Alex

  23. Cerebral babesiosis due to Babesia gibsoni in a dog - A case report
    - P V Tresamol, Usha Narayana Pillai, J Anumol, K Devada and M R Saseendranath

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