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College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Mannuthy, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA

Volume 40 (2009)

  1. Molecular characterisation of Chlamydophila psittaci isolates by restriction endonuclease analysis of DNA
    - Sreeja R. Nair, M. Mini, V. Jayaprakasan and G. Krishnan Nair

  2. Toxicity of fresh juice of Mimosa invisa in rabbits
    - P.T.A. Usha, N. Gopakumar and A.M. Chandrasekharan Nair

  3. Age related histochemical changes of the bursa and thymus of domestic fowl
    - C. Leena, R.V. Prasad, K. Kakade and K.V. Jamuna

  4. Suitability of tick tissue staining for the diagnosis of babesiosis in cattle
    - T.S. Rejitha and K. Devada

  5. Seroprevalence of PPR in goats in Kerala by cELISA
    - A. Janus, P. V. Tresamol, M. R. Saseendranath, K. Vijayakumar and Usha Narayana Pillai

  6. Anatomical studies on the trachea in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
    - S. Rajathi, K.M. Lucy, S. Maya and J.J. Chungath

  7. Comparison of antibody titres of Newcastle disease virus in randomly collected sera and egg yolk of layers
    - Nidhin Raj, Praseena Poulose, P.S. Surya, Chintu Ravishankar and Mathew Sebastian

  8. Morphological studies on the infundibulum of Kuttanad duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) during postnatal period
    - H. S. Patki, K. M. Lucy, K. R. Harshan and J. J. Chungath

  9. Genetic analysis of body weights in rabbits
    - P.M. Rojan, K.A. Bindu, K.V. Raghunandanan and K.C. Raghavan

  10. Housing designs and its impact on micro climate of cattle sheds in Chennai city
    - S. Meenakshisundaram, P. Tensingh Gnanaraj, M. Murugan, Ra. Murallidharan and R. Kumararaj

  11. Comparative efficacy of various diagnostic tests for caprine paratuberculosis - A field study
    - S. Sulficar, M.R. Saseendranath, G. Krishnan Nair, P.V. Tresamol and Usha Narayana Pillai

  12. Situational and psychological profile of dairy farmers of Kannur district in Kerala
    - P. Vidya, C. Manivannan and N.K. Sudeep Kumar

  13. Screening of dogs for rabies virus excretion
    - S. Raju and M.R. Saseendranath

  14. Comparative performance of Landrace and Large White Yorkshire pigs under tropical maritime monsoon climate
    - S. Ramesh, T. Sivakumar, P. Tensingh Gnanaraj, Ra. Murallidharan and M. Murugan

  15. Availability, preference and frequency of utilisation of institutional programmes by dairy entrepreneurs of Thrissur district
    - C.A. Pradeep and P.J. Rajkamal

  16. Effect of route of administration on immune response to combined foot and mouth disease, haemorrhagic septicaemia and black quarter oil adjuvant vaccine in cattle
    - M.R. Saseendranath, K. Rajkumar and J.P. Smitha

  17. Bacterial quality of beef carcasses in a meat processing plant
    - C. Sethulekshmi and E. Nanu

  18. Dystocia due to foetal ascites in a graded murrah buffalo - A case report
    - M. Selvaraju, K. Ravikumar, M. Palanisamy, V. Prabaharan, R. Ravi, R. Ezakial Napolean and C. Chandrahasan

  19. Brugia pahangi associated haemolytic jaundice in a Basset Hound
    - V.R. Ambily, Usha Narayana Pillai, P.P. Kanaran, P.V. Tresamol and K.M.Jayakumar

  20. Effect of sodium bicarbonate supplementation on production performance of lactating cows
    - Nidhish Francis, A.D. Mercy, Renjith Gopal, S. Aravind and Rani Chacko

  21. Disseminated Protothecosis in a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) - A case report
    - Usha Narayana Pillai, P.V. Tresamol, M.R. Saseendranath, P.G. Baby, R. Rajeswari, Joseph Cyrus , Abijith Thampan, Rishi Kesavan and Reji Varghese

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